The University of the West of England

Constructing Excellence

The University of the West of England is now 2 years into its 5 year Campus 2020 Programme, which will commit over £250m of capital into its campuses. The last year has seen the most significant changes yet and, as a Client, the University is clearly using its knowledge, experience and influence to push forward with key objectives including sustainability and collaborative working. A much improved and sustainable future of energy supply will be enabled by the provision of a site wide district heating network, combined heat & power installation and Photo Voltaic array. The University is also realizing the benefits from the use of procurement frameworks and an integrated consultant team approach in the delivery of their projects in order to seek value and efficiency through considered procurement. Finally, the University prides itself in being a responsible Client, respected by the supply chain. This is demonstrated by a robust Health and Safety culture, leadership in fair payment terms and stance on inclusion and respect that permeates through the supply chain enabling changes for the better within the industry and beyond.