The MFS i-Form Solution ™

Constructing Excellence

We are evangelical about MMC and the offsite ‘Manufacturing-Led’ construction ‘Platforms’ that form such an integral part of delivering a true MMC solution. Which is why we realised that we needed to clearly define our own P-DfMA approach to MMC. To put it in a nutshell as a systematic formula; easy to understand, easy to benchmark and easy to commission, over and above traditional build method sor purely volumetric ‘one size fits all’ MMC routes.

  • It is our mindset, our attitude and our vision.
  • It is the partners that we collaborate with, and the offsite construction ‘platforms’ we choose.
  • It is the way we design, digitally and fully BIM compliant to create completely bespoke, yet standardised & repeatable buildings.
  • It is our ‘assembly’ approach to construction onsite, with core teams of two using one mini-crane.
  • It is our focus on health, safety & wellbeing.
  • It is our commitment to green technologies & practices.

MFS i-Form Solution™ is about building BETTER, GREENER & SMARTER to deliver unique & sustainable developments for our clients & local communities.

Three Winning Facts:
  • Spreading the word: The MFS i-Form Solution™ was trademarked with the aim of raising awareness, enhancing understanding and boosting industry confidence in offsite technologies and a P-DfMA approach to MMC.
  • BuildingBetter & Smarter: evidenced by
    • 200% quicker build times
    • 100%BIM compliance
    • Over 90% offsite manufacture
    • 100% productivity
    • 80% lesslabour
    • 20% saving on overall build cost
    • Class 2B Disp. Collapse solution
    • Pre-formed builders work holes

Highly relevant for medium-high rise

  • Greener &Sustainable
    • Recycled & natural core materials
    • Lower embodied carbon
    • Less dust on site
    • Zero waste tolandfill
    • Teams of two
    • Fire resistant 4hrs+
    • Excellent thermal & acoustic performance