The Bank

Constructing Excellence

Sustainability is at the heart of The Bank, despite the environmental challenges faced by the city centre location and extremely small site footprint. This can be seen in the efforts to reduce emissions throughout the development’s life cycle through initiatives including a streamlined structure to reduce material requirements, the implementation of Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) lighting and the installation of a green roof and green wall to encourage wildlife habitation.

With the limited space available, the site team has also implemented processes to reduce environmental impact during construction including recycling 97% of construction waste, implementing a green travel plan which has seen more than 50% of site operatives utilise public transport or cycle to and from the site and installing bird boxes and plant posts in order to encourage wildlife.

Engaging social enterprises such as part of the project’s supply chain has contributed to a positive social context with more than £75,000 invested during the construction of both Tower 1 and Tower 2. Meanwhile, a comprehensive community engagement plan has seen significant time and resource lent to the likes of Narthex Foodbank in Sparkhill and the 34th Scout Group in Ward End.