Thames Valley Construction

Constructing Excellence

It all started with a man in a van, a very low profile beginning – yet it could be argued that Liam McGoldrick, the Managing Director of TVC began with very little more than a van and a team of skilled tradesmen. A humble beginning. Sometimes however, it can be said that it’s what you don’t have that makes you special – a bit like the humble polo mint with its famous hole in the middle. A strange analogy for the Construction industry you may think however it’s often what a company or an individual doesn’t have that makes them “unique” or gives them that drive to succeed.

Despite limited resources, Liam’s firm belief in the mantra “Safety, Quality, Production” helped him build the reputation of the company and protect and develop his most precious asset – his people.

So why are those three words “Safety, Quality, Production” linked to People development?  The Safety of our people has always been paramount. The Company has always been totally committed to protecting a workforce that operates in a high-risk environment. This commitment was tested to the limit when the unprecedented COVID pandemic struck in 2020. The Company response to protecting its workforce and client base, was recognised when it received the 2021 Regional and National Awards for its entry “Managing Safely During a Pandemic”.

At TVC they specialise in Reinforced Concrete Frames and Structures. No distractions or diversions – their focus is to do one thing well – really well. That focus is where they achieve their reputation for Quality.

Production – producing inferior product quickly is a damaging exercise – hence the instilled belief that Quality must come before Production.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. Their commitment to training Apprentices, nurturing and developing their workforce and providing a just, equitable and inclusive working environment for ALL is helping us retain existing employees and attract new starters in an industry with a severe skill shortage.
  2. They specialise in reinforced concrete frames – their intention is to do one thing well – really well – with no distractions. Their realise that in order to achieve that aim they need to keep investing in our greatest asset and most valuable resource – their people. Numerous industry awards recognising the landmark structures they have built in the region stands as testimony to what THEY have achieved.
  3. Their back story highlights the fact that when resources are in short supply you have to be resourceful to achieve your goals and that looking after the wellbeing of the people with a degree of empathy and emotional intelligence will help them build a group of that can achieve great things. Small Actions by lots of people = BIG CHANGE.