Construction has to change and fast. Does LEGO provide some inspiration?

“We are now at a point we have never been at before. The industry is standing on a burning platform and all other options have gone. It simply has to change”. Mark Farmer, UK Construction Week 11th Oct 2017.  The Burning Platform Over the last few years the construction industry has seen numerous reports, from … Continue reading “Construction has to change and fast. Does LEGO provide some inspiration?”

Offsite Theme Group – Words into action in the Midlands

We held the first working meeting last week in the Midlands. Why? Because we have resolved to hold each of our meetings offsite i.e. at a factory or related venue. We visited two factories which predominately supply the housing/accommodation  market and use a steel based solution. Both visits had common themes:-  the typical procurement route … Continue reading “Offsite Theme Group – Words into action in the Midlands”

Offsite Outlooks

This conference aimed at investors, developers and architects will explore the build-to-rent sector, the challenges affecting the delivery of quality new homes, and the role of offsite construction in delivering build-to-rent homes.  It will examine issues such as the skills shortage and quality, with case studies showing why developers are investing in offsite construction techniques. … Continue reading “Offsite Outlooks”