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Constructing Excellence

Covid is presenting the economy with the greatest challenges seen in recent history.


The currently volatile economic and social landscape is perpetuating a mood of uncertainty. This is reflected in the business community which in turn is affecting confidence-levels and leading to the risk of hesitation over spending on infrastructure projects. Additionally, environmental awareness and activism is creating unprecedented levels of scrutiny on the sector across elements ranging from the design choices made by architects to the carbon emissions linked to the production of cement. Never has it been more important for businesses operating in the sector to perform at optimum levels, delivering maximum value while minimising cost and waste for reasons of financial prudence as well as reasons outside of commercial gain.


Of course, national crisis, economics and environmentalism are not the only factors impacting on our industry; most importantly, there is the impact of our people. Ground-breaking work on health and wellbeing has focused attention on important issues such as the need for an understanding of mental health in the workplace, diversity & inclusion, the ageing workforce and how to support people with chronic conditions or disabilities.


What are we to make of all this? For our businesses to perform at optimum, our people must do so first.  But our environment, our communities and workforce have perhaps never been more in need of our support.  Encouraging and developing core leadership and management skills while fostering innovation, commercial awareness and empowerment amongst our people is key but must be balanced against our duty as an employer in cultivating soft skills in emotional intelligence, empathy, tolerance and awareness of and engagement with modern world issues.


We believe our approach to training, development and wellbeing surpasses all expectations for a business of our size.


Our methods are developed specifically to attract and develop talent within the industry at all levels including young talent, career changers and senior leadership, addressing known skills shortages, developing critical hard and soft skills and creating long term career pathways in the industry.


We aim to allow each staff member to perform at their best potential, but never at the expense of their wellbeing. We actively seek to create opportunities for our staff, supply chain and partners to become active contributors to the teams, communities and environments in which we operate and live, creating opportunities for an increasingly important sense of purpose amongst our people, alongside the achievement of commercial goals.


Overall, our entry showcases how Sweet Construct delivers optimum people-performance through an over-arching strategy of providing optimum people-support. Our projects start with strong foundations, and our people approach believes the same.


Constructing Excellence