Springwell Leeds Academy SEMH Schools

Constructing Excellence

Interserve Construction was engaged early by Leeds City Council through the Leeds Local Education Partnership (LEP) with the aim to redefine the standard of social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) services to support young people aged 11 to 16 in Leeds.

Designing learning environments specifically for SEMH needs is challenging as the facilities must be able to accommodate a wide range of behaviours and be robust and sustainable in operation. This development was also unique in being split site, requiring concurrent construction of three separate facilities in strategic locations across the city.

By working in partnership with the multiple stakeholders we successfully achieved the Council’s vision by developing a cost efficient and fit for purpose repeatable standard design. Each of the three schools identical
in terms of adjacencies, room sizes and the accommodation they contain, with only minor alterations in relation to specific topographical constraints, which allowed for efficiencies in design, detailing, maintenance and cost.

One was an existing school site, whilst the other two were neglected, inaccessible locations. The three new buildings which came into operation in 2018 have helped to regenerate the city, reconnecting the sites with
their local communities and enhancing the local landscapes.

Each school accommodates 100 pupils supported by 70 staff to focus on the specific needs of the end user.
The excellence educational facilities include learning zones, immersive spaces, outside learning area, indoor and outdoor sporting areas. The schools are run by the Wellspring Academy Trust, who as the end user was a
key stakeholder.