Skylon Campus

Constructing Excellence

The UK’s first new higher education provider in over 40 years has opened its doors toa new-state-of-the art campus in Hereford. Skylon Campus is the latest step in NMITE’s expanding portfolio (the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering), who have introduced two 700sq metre workshops, the Centre for Advanced Timber Technology (CATT) and the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM).

The new 2500 sq m ‘building of two halves’ has been developed using both timber and steel frames, which are distinctly divided into two workshops. Originally set out as two buildings, with CATT initially seen as solely timber frame design, combining the schemes enabled the team to create a financially viable project, as well as provide an additional700sq m of workshop space, which has enabled the team to achieve best value for NMITE and the students.

Project innovations, best practice and highlights include:

  • Extensive collaborative working between the project time, particularly in reference to achieving client spend and redesign.
  • 80% project spend within 30 miles of site.
  • Delivered at £2180 p/sqm–comparable to DfE benchmark of regular educational builds for what is an innovative, state-of-the-art space.
  • Achieved the park’s highest sustainability assessment score by a 20% improvement (90%).
  • Never-seen-before supply chain engagement for Speller Metcalfe, whereby a number of suppliers have remained partners with the client to advise on course content and industry requirements.
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction.
  • Demonstrates exemplar quality standards in timber construction and a flagship site for DfE trials of their new ‘Gen Z’ teaching workshops.
Three Winning Facts:
  1. Significant value across the project including an £11m social value legacy.
  2. An aspirational model for higher education projects in terms of cost value achieved, per sq m.
  3. An exemplar of timber construction, with lessons learnt shared across industry partners.