Skinners’ Kent Primary School

Constructing Excellence

Skinners’ Kent Primary School is an exemplar of collaborative working in action. A team approach supported from the outset by BIM, enabled the school to be designed and delivered to exceptional quality standards and client satisfaction. At the point of contract award, major challenges to secure the site had already put delivery of school places a year behind schedule. Early doors support and expertise provided to Kent County Council (KCC) by Baxall was intrinsic to getting the project off the ground (mitigating any further cost, time and disruptive issues). Early stage and ongoing engagement between all parties including KCC, the school itself and supply chain partners enabled the realisation and progression of value added initiatives to produce a sustainable, time and cost efficient design and build solution. The prime initiative was a Modern Method of Construction (MMC) alternative comprising off-site manufacture.

Collaborative efforts extended to completion, handover and aftercare. The school Facilities Manager was invited to witness commissioning and testing and supply chain partners took part in interactive handover demonstrations supported by bespoke end user manuals. An initial Post Occupancy Review has already been carried out with further evaluations planned with the school.