Seaton Beach

Constructing Excellence

Classic Builders is exceptionally proud to have delivered Seaton Beach Development’s Passivhaus Plus Scheme in Seaton.

It’s schemes such as this which reaffirm the South West as one of the most exciting areas in the UK for construction and property development.

As the UK’s first certified Passivhaus Plus apartments, it was acknowledged at the conceptual stage of the project that communication and collaboration were going to be two of the four project cornerstones in achieving the developer’s desired outcome. Quality and commitment were also identified as the scheme was nothing short of pioneering. By drawing on these four values and embracing the considerations associated to building one of the region’s most advanced developments in one of the region’s most exposed locations, Classic Builders and Seaton Beach Developments were able to build a revolutionary project which is set to bring a new era of prosperity to Seaton. Once one of the jewels in the English Riviera’s crown, Seaton is an area which, until recently, has been dramatically overshadowed by development in nearby Sidmouth and The Seaton Beach Development is a bold and distinguishing statement for the possible prosperity and opportunities which can be found in the charming South Coast town. Easily identifiable from the distant approach, the apartments stand with pride overlooking the glorious sweeping beach and represent the cumulative technical, physical and aesthetical efforts of a truly committed project team. Although there were numerous considerations with regards to access and working space, the challenge of building a full width scheme on the already narrow site was overcome through pragmatic project management and close consultation with the broader project team. Once the delivery approach had been agreed, each relevant project contributor was provided with vital training in Passivhaus construction techniques and codes of best practice. Although Classic Builders operates with the same principles across each of its projects (quality, craftsmanship and professionalism) the construction of Passivhaus properties centres on a firm commitment to airtightness and the use of thermal efficient methodologies. To achieve the Passivhaus Plus status, the project team explored numerous possibilities for energy recovery and generation before agreeing on a suitable solution. By combining experience, newly acquired training, considering new and exciting innovative technologies, a pragmatic delivery approach and a collaborative working ethos (supported by communication, quality and commitment), Classic Builders and Seaton Beach Developments have been able to build a modern day landmark representing invigorating optimism and prosperity in Seaton. Having the opportunity to work with such a passionate developer to create a project which conjures such pride and industry admiration has been a complete privilege and is a fine example of excellence within the South West construction sector.

Key achievements

  • The first certified in the UK “Passivhaus plus” multi block development, a building that produces more energy from the sun, than its Primary energy needs.
  • A bold decision by environmentally conscious developers to build an iconic architectural statement in a town looking for regeneration and inward investment. Profit was sacrificed by the developers to help save the planet.
  • High performance materials specified to ensure longevity of performance at lower maintenance costs and a long term landmark building of beauty.