Constructing Excellence

Scape is a public sector owned organisation that is able to offer a suite of OJEU compliant frameworks and innovative design solutions to any public body in the UK. It provides a unique service to the public sector that enables both technical and non-technical clients to become fully integrated into a professional team, have a voice and work in a truly collaborative manner – whatever the project. Wates is a collaborative and transparent business so, from a cultural perspective, there is a brilliant fit – in fact, we see ourselves as an extension of Scape. Nominating Scape feels like the right and natural thing to do because Scape enhances what Wates already stands for, further improves the ways in which we work and broadens our experience due to the scope of work on offer. Both organisations are committed to communicating with their customers to help solve their problems, and the framework Scape has designed allows Wates to do this for a rich variety of customers on an eclectic range of projects. Through Scape, Wates has been given the opportunity to work with a broad range of customers and with ways of working that put communication and collaboration at the very heart of it all.