SBS Portal

Constructing Excellence

Independent family-owned HVAC wholesaler Smith Brothers Stores have launched a unique online portal for customers, an additional service designed to offer customers a more effortless business experience.

With emerging digital technologies and since the Covid-19 pandemic, a customer thirst for real-time information, accessible 24/7, has driven the demand for our bricks & mortar business to offer an increased digitalisation service.

Following an initial six-month review, the Intact iQ Commerce plugin (now named Cliqx) utilising the NOP web platform was selected, due to its ERP integration advantages, from both an account and ordering perspective.

Until the online portal was developed, customers could only deal with the business during working hours. Whereas now, the portal allows users to access their account information, pay invoices and place orders online, whenever is convenient for them, providing our client base with a business experience without boundaries.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. SBS have developed the only commercial HVAC eCommerce platform that displays real-time stocking status across all locations.
  2. 1,000+ customers managing their SBS Accounts online.
  3. Online payments now exceed any other of the 18 physical depot locations and are forecast to become over 50% of all company card payments in 2024.