Sarah Bolton

Constructing Excellence

Through Sarah’s leadership and services, Sarah has helped circa 3600 families in crisis in 2022 alone. She has led the frontline service teams nationally to deliver a service of excellence. With a 95% satisfaction rate, Sarah, and the services developed, support and touch the lives of the community. Sarah’s success lies in her ability to improve and touch the lives of construction workers and families in crisis. The services Sarah develops ensure she stands out from the crowd as an inspirational leader.

Sarah has worked hard to establish herself in her role as Director of services proactively managing team objectives and the overall charity vision through setting clear goals and having regular development discussions. She is a supportive manager and role model who uses skills learnt as part of the IFLP Programme and coaching techniques to identify development objectives, encouraging all staff to reach their full potential by facilitating a range of work related and personal opportunities for development. She has successfully managed to balance an inclusive, friendly working environment with earning respect as a leader, enabling her to address issues in a positive way.

Sarah is passionate about what we do at the Lighthouse and the social impact of delivering a high-quality product. She ensures, when designing programmes, that she takes into account feedback through case studies, customer surveys and gathering information, which she aligns to the development of new services. Sarah constantly adds and improves the services that we offer because she believes in the change these services can make to the lives of people we work with.

Three Reasons Why This Individual Should Win:
  1. Established a 24/7 Helpline dedicated to the Construction Workforce and their families in the UK and Ireland that now receives over 350 calls a month from workers and their families in crisis looking for support.
  2. Launched the Lighthouse Wellbeing Academy. This is a curriculum of freely available, self-paced or tutor led, proactive education programmes for anyone in the industry to improve their ability to tackle their own and others wellbeing.
  3. Operationalised Make It Visible Onsite. This is a collaborative project with FORD to take the message of support to site workers and start the conversation on individual and team welfare and wellbeing. This project has saved lives!