Russell WBHO: Accident Reduction by Education & Information Program

Constructing Excellence

Russell WBHO has continued to innovate and challenge traditional boundaries in Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

We are committed to embedding a strong safety culture into the very fabric of the business and the mindset of every one of our employees and partners, indeed it is one of our six core company values. A recent initiative to analyse and address a rise in incidents saw the implementation of a number of successful measures with exceptional results. Throughout the project we have extended our HSEQ team’s remit, increased in-house training and engagement, created a dedicated HSEQ rotation for trainees, promoted our WorkWise collaborative reporting app, rewarded exceptional best practice, and reduced accidents across all projects.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. Since 2019 we have seen a 50% reduction in the number of accidents in total(including accidents to subcontractors) over all our projects. This is despite seeing a 102% increase in the number of hours worked on site since 2018.
  2. After identifying a slight rise in incidents the HSEQ team used innovative assessment methods to analyse the problem and implemented methods to address it which proved successful in reducing accidents on site.
  3. To continue this success and further embed safety culture into the very fabric of our business and the mindset of all 200 employees, our strategy continues to focus on engaging staff and our supply chain, making clear HSEQ is everyone’s responsibility.