Runcorn Delinking and Station Quarter

Constructing Excellence

Large demolition works close to many local residences. The demolition works were undertaken within a heavily built-up urban area, near residential homes and Network Rail assets. To ensure the health and safety of the public and workforce, extensive control measures were enforced. Vibration, noise, and air quality were monitored using specialist equipment and bespoke advanced dust suppression techniques mitigated dust pollution. Residents and businesses were consulted in advance of the demolition works and dilapidation surveys were undertaken on over130 nearby properties.

The project team worked closely with the council to agree on revised working methodologies enabling construction to continue whilst ensuring compliance with Government and PublicHealth England guidelines. By following safe site operating procedures including spaced out office and working distance, and increased cleaning, the team continued working through the pandemic minimising any risk to the programme. Keeping local businesses and Runcorn train station open Working with local stakeholders, the team sequenced works to minimise disruption to the essential operations of key stakeholders located close to the works.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. Part of a programme of critical highway works for Halton Borough Council, the project has been delivered through a sustained collaborative culture. It was completed on time despite challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, within budget and to the delight of Halton Borough Council. The project team has delivered successful value-added outcomes for all organisations involved and the wider community.
  2. Bringing a fully integrated project team together at project inception has taken collaboration to a deeper level. By building a strong team early, including the supply chain, Halton Borough Council ensured that the whole team contributed collaboratively to the delivery of successful project outcomes.
  3. Achieved the project’s ambitions by completing a diverse range of high risk and complex builds collectively as one team. Transforming and rejuvenating the area into an access for all public space. Civil engineering transformed the dynamics of the area by rejuvenating the area and increasing the footfall and public use of Runcorn town centre through the delinking project. The scheme successfully improved traffic flows by alteration to existing road and junction layouts, and improved access for future development by others, in Runcorn and Widnes town centres.