RUH Bath Pharmacy

Constructing Excellence

The redevelopment of the Pharmacy plays a key role in delivering the overall Estate Strategy for the Trust and will also support delivery of wider Trust objectives. The strategic drivers for this investment are to: • Continuously improve the quality of services provided by the RUH, focusing on patient safety, clinical outcomes, research and development and patient experience • Demonstrate strong clinical and financial performance, delivering services to national and local standards • Develop the workforce through optimising skill and profession mix, increasing productivity and delegating local control and authority • Strengthen local and national reputation as a provider of quality care; building relationships with patients, staff, members and commissioners through working effectively as part of a system • Improve the efficiency of the Estate through improved utilisation, functionality and sustainability of buildings The existing pharmacy building was not fit for purpose to deliver a safe efficient pharmacy service to the Trust. The aseptic pharmacy service was provided in safe but temporary facilities, with a significant proportion of the workload outsourced at higher operating cost to the NHS community.