Relish Smartwire

Relish Smartwire is a low cost, repeatable innovation that reduces electricity use and saves households money. Smartwire and Relish-it! advice has the potential to make a real difference to household gas and electricity bills.

Relish Smartwire is a simple to use power-down switch for all non-essential devices in the home – developed as part of the Relish initiative and initially tested in phase 1 in the Relish-it! community hub. Smartwire works like a hotel swipe card. The Smartwire switch, located near the front door, controls the whole home and allows essential devices to remain on, while powering down everything else, including standby switches. This has been installed by Worthing Homes in 20 of their new build homes in 2012 at New Brunswick Drive.

With rising utility bills and the target to reduce CO emissions by 80% by 2050, Smartwire offers an affordable option to slow or even halt upward trends in household fuel bills. Smartwire not only supports the affordable warmth agenda but also kickstarts better energy habits and helps householders make intelligent and informed decisions about their energy use.

For more information, please see the attached report.