Recticel Insulation – L Ments

Constructing Excellence

With the UK property crisis and the poor thermal performance of the country’s housing stock an ongoing concern, the availability of high-performance, easy-to-use building products is a must if specifiers and contractors are to make good the government’s pledge to tackle both issues as a matter of urgency. As pioneers of a self-supporting ‘room in a roof’ insulation system which can be installed in a matter of hours rather than days or months, Recticel Insulation has provided precisely the sort of innovation the construction industry is crying out for. The unique system, L-Ments, applies the ethos of ‘Modern Methods of Construction’ to traditional insulation solutions. Rather than cutting insulation boards to fit between the timbers or trusses of a pitched roof, a panel is produced by foaming polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation around the timber rafters.

It combines the benefits of traditional roofs and off-site roofs while minimising the downsides of both, mimicking a modular product – constructed off-site to tighter tolerances and higher quality standards – which ultimately provides a liveable roof space.