RDT Architects – Specialist Dementia Care

Constructing Excellence

RDT Architects have dedicated Planning and Construction Teams providing innovational design and construction solutions for clients in all sectors with a focus on creating excellent care homes. RDT have a passion for the care sector, having completed numerous new build dementia care home schemes and are fast becoming recognised for our planning successes and design skills within this niche sector. We work closely with end users, operators and delivery teams, advising on areas outside the brief and adding value and benefit to the client, residents and staff. This submission demonstrates RDT’s commitment to delivering specialist dementia care homes and how we work alongside care home operators to achieve award winning dementia care designs which meet the criteria of the client, end user, staff and visitors whilst maintaining a homely and safe environment. It focuses on dementia care home design for not-for-profit operator Quantum Care Limited and will outline the time and dedication afforded by RDT to develop a dementia care home design strategy above and beyond the needs of our client and catering for the increasing number of people with dementia. Quantum Care undertake extensive research to identify the needs of their customers and regulators to ensure new care home design meets current and future demands in an ever changing care market and RDT Architects are key to achieving this aim. Research shows a significant increase in the prevalence of dementia in the 65+ age group rising by 46% by 2025, demonstrating a clear demand for this type of care.