Constructing Excellence

A family-run SME who’s already made a huge difference in the industry, Probuild360 set its sights on the Social Housing Arena, a sector generally dominated by large developers. To be taken seriously, Probuild360 knew it had to be able to build using MMC so set about researching the various modular products and suppliers – arriving at SIPs and cleverly selecting a similar sized SME supplier who would guide them through the build principles and processes for their first attempt at MMC. Probuild360 also wanted to apply MMC to a luxury build, again challenging the perception that the method is usually associated with affordable housing. Probuild360 designed and built a luxury apartment development, a genuine downsizing alternative and a more spacious apartment offering for young executives climbing the ladder.  The successful build even featured on the BBC Inside Out TV show as an example of a ‘considered build’! As hoped, it caught the attention of a large social housing authority who were so impressed by the build and Probuild360’s communication, creativity and quality – that it awarded the company ‘Principal Build Partner’ for a pioneering new build method and social housing initiative that is currently under NDA – selecting Probuild360 over larger developers! This dogged determination is set against a backdrop of an SME who from the outset was determined to change the face of its industry by its own actions, an industry not readily known for open, honest and transparent communication – values that Probuild360 took so seriously that 18 months ago took the bold move to appoint Lord Digby Jones to the role of non-executive Chairman to focus purely on governance – a move praised by key industry figures. It’s the same SME that last year put the finishing touches to its industry-leading showroom, a testimony to its pioneering 360-degree service across design, build and installation. A showroom that impressed the head of housing for the WMCA so much that Probuild360 was invited to assist with quality benchmarking!  In-line with much larger companies, Probuild360 has invested heavily in pioneering technology enabling increased staff efficiency, greater communication flow, whilst also enabling it to be more efficient in terms of time, money, business decisions, build operations – greatly impacting the speed of growth. Thinking outside the box, Probuild360 strategically vertically integrated suppliers into its showroom delivering benefits for parties up and down the supply chain and negotiated exclusive distribution rights for various brands – another revenue stream. Another example of punching above its weight, Probuild360 was invited to take part in important industry roundtables covering topics such as; the future of build, MMC and government policy…the contribution was highly praised in national press!  Probuild360 is a prime example of the value of SME’s to the economy; they highlight how being bold enough to do things differently, dream big – be the enforcer of change despite size, is a role that SME’s aren’t afraid to take! Probuild360 confirms to policymakers that SME’s should be encouraged as a vital asset for reigniting and fuelling the economy.

Key achievements

  • Despite being the territory of larger build companies, Probuild360 has been awarded official build partner status for a major new pioneering social housing initiative – which is impressive for a family-run SME that has just entered the sector.
  • In addition to Probuild360 being praised by industry experts and key figures for the great strides it has made in changing the face of the build industry by its actions, its commitment and stance on governance and transparent communication, it has also elevated the profile of SME builders via the company’s participation at several key national roundtable events that secured national press coverage.
  • Strategically, Probuild360 has vertically integrated suppliers to deliver growth and advantages to those ‘up’ and ‘down’ the supply chain whilst also enhancing its own business offering. For clients, this means factory-based prices and the potential to bespoke products, for suppliers that means a satellite showroom with increased sales potential at very little investment. Probuild360 has also agreed exclusive distribution rights for key brands – generating additional income streams.