Presentations – CE Annual Conference – 20 Years of Rethinking Construction

Constructing Excellence

Thanks to all of those who joined us on 12 December for our Annual Conference – 20 years of Re-thinking Construction.  Special thanks to all of our speakers and our sponsors Burges Salmon.

We used to gather opinions from our 150 participants.  Some of the key findings include:

  • Participants reported very little change on client’s procuring for value, but some limited progress in digitally-enabled collaboration and standardisation and pre-manufactured value.
  • Procurement and contracting models, client capability and appetite to change and agreement on new standards and regulations were viewed as the top 3 barriers to embedding manufacturing technology in the built environment.
  • Almost 90% of participants were supportive of a platform approach to building, but over one third were unsure whether the market will accept a platform approach.

View the full output report here.

The presentations can be downloaded below.

Don Ward
Phil Wilbraham
Steve Johnson
Ahmad Al Ansari
Mark Farmer
Alan Clucas
Rosie Toogood
David Whysall
Keith Waller

The conference has provided us with a tremendous platform to focus in 2019.  G4C and our key theme groups around Procurement, Offsite Manufacturing Technology & Digital will be working through 2019 to advance the issues discussed.  We also look forward to working with the Transforming Construction Alliance on the Core Innovation Hub and ensuring the Constructing Excellence movement is involved in the programme.

Please get involved in Constructing Excellence in 2019 and help us make 2019 a year when we see significant progress on our core vision.