Playle & Partners LLP

Constructing Excellence

Playle & Partners LLP is a multi-disciplinary property construction consultancy founded in 1954. With 4 partners, 35 members of staff across 4 locations, people are at the very heart of our business. Continually investing in their personal development, the company runs various training programmes to help them achieve their best. The success of these is demonstrated by the high retention rate and long serving staff members,
who have been encouraged to train, develop and contribute to the success of the business. Through our constant endeavours and innovation we are continually improving our productivity. Training and development of our employees is fundamental to our business, without which we would not be able to maintain a dominant position within our industry. We compete against global entities with large scale resources and umbrella company structures. Therefore in order to gain a competitive edge, we have to be able to offer our services from our members of staff holding relevant up to date qualifications and trained expertise in comparison. Through our training and development we have a positive impact on the economic and social
aspects of our employee’s lives. Reflected in our staff retention and satisfaction levels, the result is an enduring, stable working environment that engenders positive working relationships.

As an SME it can be challenging to offer these types of training and development programmes. Internally we have to be on top of our financial budgets and ensure the correct balance between work, studying and mentoring availability.