Platinum Stages – Elstree Studios

Constructing Excellence

The Platinum Stages project was delivered in response to the increased industry demand for state-of-the-art soundstages. In collaboration with our partners, we delivered a twin soundstage, two-new workshops and office facilities. This project, located in the centre of an upcoming town in Hertfordshire (which is currently being regenerated), was the first major build at Elstree Studios in 25 years and has provided hundreds of new jobs and apprenticeship opportunities.

The proposed new stages needed to achieve exceptional acoustic properties to safeguard occupiers from environmental disturbances from the urban and noisy surroundings, as well as aiming to exceed acoustic standards of similar developments.

The name ‘Platinum’ was chosen by, the then mayor of Hertsmere Anne Swerling, following a competition where over 400 entries suggested names. Cllr Bright said it was selected due to its “significance” for the late Queen Elizabeth II, who had been celebrating her Platinum Jubilee the same year.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Stage 1 is the first stage in the country to achieve a 70 decibels acoustic rating.
  2. Collectively we provided an innovative dividing wall solution for the two stages, providing a significant cost savings and no programme delay.
  3. Successful and collaborative teamwork approach during the pandemic which was enhanced through the use of video conferencing.