Pave Aways – Building Our Future, Together

Constructing Excellence

Pave Aways is celebrating 50 years in 2023 and we are committed to enhancing the communities in which we work. We understand the impact of our work within our local environment and work hard to ensure that we leave a lasting legacy even after the completion of a project.

Our staff are our greatest asset, and continually contribute to our success. The average employee has been with Pave Aways for 7 years, with many having over 20 years of service with us. This is testament to enabling staff to continually improve and feeling fulfilled.

Our supply chain is our other key asset with over 500 members. We pay fairly, on-time and we have fostered strong relationships spanning decades. It is also important to develop small local contractors, and we hold ‘meet the buyers’ events to bring these to the fore and help them grow sustainably.

We are committed to developing community assets, with each project having a social value framework in place at the offset. This is monitored throughout the project with donations, labour and materials often all contributed as an additional benefit to the community surrounding the project. From donating sports kit to schools, to building outdoor meeting space for community groups, Pave Aways always go the extra mile in looking after the communities that we work around.

As part of our vision for our environmental strategy this year, we have seen a huge increase in training and accreditations around the subject of the environment. We are committed to launching more sustainable initiatives to progress towards Carbon Neutral status by 2030.We work hard to minimise our environmental impact whilst delivering top-quality value through our projects.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Investing in developing the skills of our workforce and achieving the Investors in People standard while giving our employees a voice to shape the future of the business.
  2. Maintaining strong relationships with our supply chain, supporting the communities in which we work and delivering sustainable value within the vicinity of every project. With 75% of our projects completed for repeat clients, we always deliver a quality solution.
  3. Lowering our carbon impact through sustainable initiatives, using sustainable construction methodologies, and progressing on our roadmap towards carbon neutral status by 2030.