Oundle School Sports Centre

Constructing Excellence

GRAHAM have a long history of successfully delivering a wide range of civils and building projects throughout the UK and Ireland. We have a solid track record of delivering quality projects to the highest standards of environmental best practice and we have worked hard to further enhance our reputation.

Our successful delivery of the new Oundle School Sports Hall in (Northamptonshire) benefitted from the wealth of experience our project teams have amassed from undertaking an array of educational buildings throughout the UK.

An increasing number of our projects now require particularly challenging management arrangements with such factors as close proximities of sensitive receptors, stringent client’s requirements, robust planning restrictions and special constraints. We have invested significantly to improve our staff training, process efficiency and resources to better proactively manage these issues and to prepare for likely future challenges.

Our successful delivery of the new Oundle sports centre was dependant on maintaining excellent relations with the Oundle school team and their key stakeholders. Our Project Manager, Mr Simon Walton, personally oversaw this; ensuring he was readily available to meet with any concerned persons to discuss issues arising and implement practical mitigation as required to address such concerns in a satisfactory manner. We also ensured we kept the school fully informed of the works progress, providing advance warnings of any potential for disruption or nuisance and allowing them opportunity to discuss such issues to see how best to minimise impact. This was particularly relevant around school exam times and with respect to the boarding accommodation.

The Project Team were able implement excellent site waste management including the value engineered beneficial reuse of 1600m3 cut and fill material. A comprehensive waste segregation area proved highly beneficial with the works generating only 1.2T of construction and demolition waste per £100k Construction Value (standard accepted target is <6.5T).

The structural timber offered a sustainable advantage, supplied from FSC certified sources and compliant with our Sustainable Procurement Policy. The attractive U-Values associated with the timber’s insulation properties will prove advantageous during the buildings operational phase. Incorporation of extensive roof mounted PV panels help to reduce energy costs and allow the new pool to be heated without reliance on traditional carbon heavy methods.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Project Teams and the commitment and support afforded to them by our specialist SHE Department, IMS Team and Business Development Units. We have worked tirelessly to foster a strong environmentally positive culture and are committed to further developing this.

Our supply chain is critical to our ability to successfully complete the works we undertake, we are partner members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and we take every opportunity to develop our partners with inclusion in our training and awareness initiatives and the provision of practical support and feedback.

We have committed to more challenging, longer term strategic objectives and targets as we feel this will better let us determine our environmental improvement. We are committed to improving our performance in the following areas;

  1. Climate Action
  2. Environmental Management and Improvement
  3. Conserving Resources
  4. Protecting the Environment

Key achievements

  • Excellent relations were formed with the client and stakeholders, ensuring nuisance issues were proactively tackled and not allowed to develop.
  • The Project Manager’s detailed logistics plan expedited the build progress and ensured excellent waste management stats. Value engineering exercises allowed meaningful reuse of 1600m3 surplus fill and assorted demolition arisings.
  • Excellent site water management  ensured only 4.34m3 of mains water was consumed per £100k project value, bettering WRAP’s guideline of 4.9m3