One NK

Constructing Excellence

Building on the successful transformation of the Sleaford Leisure Centre in 2012, North Kesteven District Council saw an opportunity to refresh and revitalise the NK Centre in the Lincoln-fringe suburb of North Hykeham.
The facility was little changed from its opening in 1974 and time was showing its toll not only in appearance but also its capacity to operate efficiently and meet public expectations.
Through shared-use with the adjacent secondary school there was no scope for public swimming in the daytime, restricted access and severe limitations on popular swimming clubs which have trained world champions.
With customer satisfaction falling, the Centre had reached a critical point in needing £2m invested in significant priority repair and short-term maintenance, followed by a further £1.3m across the next decade.
But ever the far-sighted authority, North Kesteven had an appetite for doing things differently in order to generate better outcomes for all – for the building, its users and ultimately ratepayers through more efficient operations – and chose to accelerate a programme of renewal informed and shaped through detailed and insightful consultation.