ONE Engage

Constructing Excellence

ONE Engage is the first of its kind; an innovative resident engagement platform that enables duty holders to fulfil their obligations under the Building Safety Act. It connects the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS), residents and landlords, empowering the residents’ voice in building safety, by leveraging digital information management process and data for public good.

The challenge:

The legislative landscape in building safety, stakeholder engagement, social housing and information management is changing, and will continue to as our digital economy evolves. There’s now a clear requirement to improve communications and share information digitally.

Our Solution:

ONE Creative environments (ONE) with backing from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, collaborated with Totus Digital, and built upon our expertise as an established multi-disciplinary design company, applying our knowledge of digital information management to a sector that requires it the most. We have developed a revolutionary eco-system of digital tools (ONE Engage) that connect Landlords with Fire Authorities and Residents, creating a community-led approach to safely managing our built environment.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. ONE Engage is the first-to-market engagement platform that responds to the requirements of new Building Safety Legislation.
  2. Legislation requires landlords share continually updated safety critical information with the FRS. There are 43 separate FRS in the UK, all with different procedures for managing information; and a lack of FRS resources to process and manage this ongoing information from landlords. ONE Engage provides an efficient, standardised approach using data for public good and aims to become the industry standard for the exchange of critical information with Fire Authorities.
  3. An example Housing Association with 70 in-scope buildings (2,800 dwellings / 4,800 residents) will annually generate approximately 840 information exchanges with the FRS (e.g. plans, live alerts), and circa 9930 individual safety-related exchanges with residents (e.g. safety concerns, fire evacuation strategies). ONE Engage manages all this within one simple platform.