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ONE’s Vision: “Creating a better world through design, sustainability and innovation.”

ONE goes beyond the role of traditional design consultancy, undertakes R&D projects and maximises the benefits of BIM/technology de-risking projects for clients and addressing industry challenges.

Recent innovations include:

ONE Engage: innovative new digital tool that fulfils the requirements of the latest building safety legislation. It facilitates the information exchange between duty-holders, residents and the Fire & Rescue Service aiming to help save lives by providing accessible, inclusive tools that allow residents to participate in managing building safety.

 ONE TwinVis: combines BIM and Internet of Things (IoT), with fully configurable tools visually displaying real time data supporting Facilities Management. Advanced algorithms and energy dashboards read raw energy data converting it into meaningful information. e.g. for electricity sensors: consumption in kWh, £/p and tCO2e. Data is instantly understandable and actionable driving: decarbonisation, enhanced well-being, compliance, reduced risk/cost.

 Virtual Mock-up: The innovative Virtual Mock-up developed by ONE with Multiplex provides all the benefits of a physical mock-up (and more) with an estimated 95% cost saving. It is more accessible to the supply chain and provides a range of further benefits.

GRC ‘DfMA project’, One Blackfriars: using a BIM workflow to deliver a complex, high risk and rewarding project.  Over 300 unique GRC panels, in organic free-form shapes, were developed to fit perfectly and digitally coordinated with the existing structure and interfacing fitout trades.  The most complex of challenges and an output that allowed “press print to CNC” from ONE’s coordinated model!

Three Winning Facts:
  1. ONE goes beyond being a multi-disciplinary design company. It uses its unique mix of skills to tackle industry challenges including those that will benefit society e.g. decarbonisation and addressing the needs of the latest building safety legislation.
  2. ONE invests in innovation through its team to benefit clients and projects, overcome challenges and to make them viable.
  3. ONE has a proven track record over many years of award-winning R&D projects with innovation central to the company’s vision, ethos and culture.