Offsite Champions Ramboll

Constructing Excellence

Ramboll has built on its extensive experience in offsite construction to lead the construction industry to adopt offsite construction techniques. By using the full range of offsite construction methods to deliver ambitious high-profile designs, Ramboll is leading a transformation in the way the industry thinks and acts. We know this is the only way the construction industry will address its most pressing challenges, these being skills shortages; a widening productivity gap; the need for more rapid, cost-effective and sustainable construction; and the need for high quality outcomes built in a safe environment.

We hold a leading position in all major offsite techniques, working with clients and architects to deliver the optimal solution using cross laminated timber (CLT), pre-cast concrete or modular steel. We have harnessed the power of bespoke digital design tools to provide clear visualisation of design solutions, allowing our clients to make better informed decisions earlier in the process. This process frees up time to engage with stakeholders on creative aspects of the design. The net result is reduced design and build timescales, while assuring the highest levels of quality.