Occupational Road Risk – FM Conway

Constructing Excellence

FM Conway operates a large, diverse fleet of vehicles across the UK, therefore, statistically we found Occupational Road Risk to be one of our highest risks.

One of the first businesses to have achieved ISO39001, FM Conway has a proven track record of road traffic safety. This is demonstrated further through their transformational approach, the Big Ten in 10, which challenges the fundamental principles of health and safety using innovative and sustainable safety critical controls.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. FM Conway has made a statement of intent that ‘through our actions and innovations, no road user will suffer life-changing harm involving our vehicles by 2030’.
  2. We have raised the bar by identifying improvements to our fleet’s safety critical controls, targeting risk at the source, as well as improving driver behaviour via the training process for our people.
  3. Our Occupational Road Risk initiative has seen a significant 55% decrease in all road traffic accidents.