Nottingham City Council – Major Projects Team

Constructing Excellence

Major Projects (MP) is Nottingham City Council’s (NCC) client-side project management team.

We have a great belief in the importance of organisations having a strong, intelligent client to deliver their projects and take great pride in fulfilling this function on behalf of NCC.

Over the last year we have been involved in the delivery of c35 projects with a value of over £140m. We have a track record of delivering these projects on time and to budget, with positive feedback from clients.

It is the way we approach this function that we want to celebrate. We focus on developing strong relationships with our supply chain that we use to have honest conversations about each other’s performance.

We use our position to engage in wider strategic agendas. For example Buy Nottingham, which seeks to use local firms in our contracts, thereby fostering growth and giving our supply chain more resilience.

We promote training as a requirement through our contracts, which benefits our citizens, through upskilling, whilst helping to address some fundamental issues around skills gaps and recruitment in the construction industry.

We believe that our approach is an effective one and we are happy to share the lessons we have learnt on the way.