Next Generation Security Project – Birmingham Airport

Constructing Excellence

Enhanced passenger experience with complex infrastructure upgrades
This £40m Birmingham Airport project is a complex reconfiguration, refurbishment and extension scheme delivering major infrastructure enhancements and new screening equipment in line with regulatory changes. Enhanced passenger experience is afforded by increased screening capacity, speeding up check in. New retail space, lifts and waiting areas were added to the scope of works.

Intricate phasing achieved through close collaboration
The project was delivered within a tight programme and budgetary constraints through close collaboration with all stakeholders: VINCI replaced the original contractor, and utilised its expertise in collaborative working to achieve the intricate phasing demanded by the project.

Effective communication with co-location and collaboration tools
The project’s success was achieved through effective collaboration between the client (Birmingham Airport Limited, or BAL), consultant teams and VINCI. We implemented a comprehensive stakeholder communication plan from the outset, integrating digital collaboration platforms providing all project stakeholders with access to design development, project updates and a forum for discussions. We accelerated the design process and bolstered communication by assigning dual roles to the consultants, and the client attended all design workshops, health-and-safety briefings and programme reviews. Faster, more-effective decision making and a one-team culture with shared objectives was achieved through VINCI’s co-location initiative with the client teams.

Maintaining business as usual for Birmingham Airport
Collaborative coordination of the construction works and phasing ensured ‘business as usual’ for all. We are safely delivering the project in this live and fully operational environment with no disruption to staff or services.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Collaborative processes fostered a one-team approach that championed client needs.
  2. Coordination across disciplines bolstered successful delivery of this highly complex project, to programme and in a live operational environment.
  3. Ongoing communication enabled delivery with zero impact to airport operations or customer experience.