New Member: Kensa Contracting Ltd

Constructing Excellence

We’re thrilled to announce that Kensa Contracting Ltd have joined Constructing Excellence as National Members.


Constructing Excellence


Kensa Contracting is the UK’s specialist delivery partner for Fifth Generation District Heating networks featuring Ground Source Heat Pumps and Shared Ground Loop Arrays. This company is renowned for its innovative Ambient Shared Ground Loop Array systems deployed in social housing retrofits and social and private new build developments.

Offering unrivalled experience and expertise, Kensa Contracting delivers a complete solution including design, specification, project management, householder liaison, specialist sub-contractor supervision, equipment supply, commissioning, and support with access to subsidies.

We deliver proven, robust and reliable systems from simple, tried-and-tested to ambitious and innovative applications.


Kensa Contracting Ltd have joined as members to:

  • To demonstrate to the wider industry how ground source heat pumps can mitigate climate change through an optimal transition to zero carbon heating and cooling.
  • To network and collaborate with CE members to bring the Kensa Vision to life, driving and enabling change in the sector.