Net Zero Vanguard Building – Meole Brace

Constructing Excellence

The Meole-Brace Vanguard Building (VB) represents record-breaking levels of Sustainability for Shropshire County Council, delivering a future proofed education facility that stands out from the crowd as a “first of a kind” in achieving Net Zero operational carbon.

Shropshire Council declared a Climate Change Emergency (CCE) during the gestation period of the project. The Design and Build team developed and enhanced the existing design and solutions ensuring the project outcomes made a positive contribution to alleviating the CCE. This building demonstrates commitment of the integrated team (designers, client, school stakeholders, contractor, supply partners) to this ambitious goal by putting climate change at the heart of the project.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. Net Zero First Of A Kind for Shropshire CC positively contributing to the response to their Climate Change emergency.
  2. UK’s First ever Passivhaus Masonry Cavity Education project.
  3. NZ inexperienced team proves collaboration is key to successful delivery.