Najwa Jawahar

Constructing Excellence

I came to the United Kingdom with my family at the age of 16, after finishing my Matriculations from Karachi, Pakistan. Although I couldn’t speak in English, I didn’t hesitate to follow my education and completed A-Levels, including Mathematics and Physics, in 2007. I later attended the University of Leeds and graduated with a 1st class (Hons.) degree BEng, MEng in Civil and Structural Engineering in 2011 and started at WSP as a Graduate Engineer. 8 years forward, I am now an Associate Structural Engineer and specialise in the design of buildings and have worked in London, Manchester and Leeds.

In such a short period, I,

  • Have worked on multi-million pounds high-end complex residential and commercial developments, including Merchant Square Development, London wall place and Key Bridge House.
  • Initiated a graduate group and extended it to 300+ young engineers and apprentices globally in 2 years, to empower people to control their professional and personal development and fast track their career.
  • Implemented key business initiatives focusing on the development of graduates, improve work-life at WSP, as a part of WSP’s Managing Director’s taskforce team. I implement a graduate development framework rolled across the business to 600+ graduates.
  • And more.