Morpeth Northern Bypass

Constructing Excellence

During initial discussions, it was agreed with the client that this project was an ideal opportunity to implement the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process as well as digital construction and adoption of evolving technologies. In a push to receive intelligent asset information for future maintenance. Carillion Plc was awarded the ECI contract in December 2013 and worked with design consultants Aecom to develop detailed designs in line with Northumberland County Council employer’s information requirements.

Carillion grasped the opportunity to implement the scheme, to save time and cut costs during the construction, design and maintenance phases via BIM procedures – and this was key throughout design development.

The early adoption of the BIM procedure allowed the project team to ensure all sub-contractors were aware of the client’s deliverables in line with the new procedures. Surfacing and earthworks contractors embraced the technology and implemented their own BIM procedures to improve both companies’ understanding of working on a BIM level 2 project and the deliverables expected for the information required by the client.

Early adoption of the procedure meant a knowledge gap in both the delivery team and clients, so initially Carillion created a skills workshop, delivering training on the BIM process as well as some of the digital construction techniques it planned to implement on the scheme to all parties. Utilising a BIM level 2 experienced practitioner within Carillion and external training companies to deliver the training and upskill the site team.