MiTek 3D Digital Hub

Constructing Excellence

MiTek 3D is a cloud based platform for Component Manufacturers who use MiTek timber engineering software to share interactive 3D models of their roof, floor and timber frame designs with all relevant parts of the value chain.

MiTek 3D is built on an MS Azure cloud database, with models hosted free of charge by MiTek and available to view for up to 3 years.

An easily accessible 3D model of an engineered timber design facilitates greater interaction between the manufacturer and end client, allowing for better collaboration on design, easy identification and resolution of potential issues, and a greater understanding of the project.

The models are extremely simple to share and can then be viewed anywhere, for free, on any device. The link below shows how simple it is for a designer using MiTek design software to create and share the 3D model:

.ifc files can be incorporated into the models, allowing for two way information to be exchanged between the client and component manufacturer.  This model shows a soil vent pipe position (brought into the model from an ifc file) clashing with roof truss and floor joists. This was a real job and MiTek 3D helped to identify the issue and agree on a solution.


Constructing Excellence