Midland Metro Alliance

Constructing Excellence

The Midland Metro Alliance (MMA) is a team of planning, design and construction specialists collaborating to build five new Metro extensions over the coming decade on behalf of the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA).

The MMA will working in the West Midlands until approximately 2026 and is keen to leave more than just new tramways. It wants to leave a legacy of knowledgeable light rail and construction experts that can export their skills for light rail and construction projects around the world.

In the next three years, two of our five extensions are planned to be in operation and these would have been built using local supplies providing jobs and security to a truly local supply chain. These too would have been built by local people, some of whom were previous not in employment, education or training and have joined the alliance through our partnership working with schools, colleges, universities as well as job centres and even prisons.

It is important for us to remind the people of the West Midlands that we are here and can provide career and skills opportunities.