Constructing Excellence

Ron Lang

Position: Chief Technical Officer, Construction Innovation / Hub Technical Director, Atkins

Ron has over 15 years’ experience in the construction industry, having worked in a broad range of roles across the sector, spanning architectural design, sustainable construction, industrial research and innovation strategy and management.

As Technical Director at Atkins, Ron is responsible for shaping the emerging Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) strategy and associated value propositions for this world-leading engineering and design organisation.

Ron concurrently holds a secondment role as Chief Technical Officer with the £72m Government-funded Construction Innovation Hub. He has technical oversight across the Hub programme, and guides collaboration between the Hub’s technical leads, experts and external stakeholders to ensure high-quality outputs and outcomes.

Since 2019 Ron’s been a key figure in the Hub’s successes, notably in his former capacity as Impact Director of the Hub’s Value workstream, where he led the development of the Value Toolkit: a suite of tools to drive value-based decision-making in the built environment. The Toolkit has been featured in the Construction Leadership Council’s “Industry Roadmap to Recovery” and both the Cabinet Office’s “Construction Playbook” and “Transforming Infrastructure Performance’s Roadmap to 2030”.

Ron graduated in Architectural Engineering with Design Management, later gaining a Master’s degree in construction Innovation & Management.