Constructing Excellence

Polly Wilkinson

Position: Head of BRE Academy
Categories: Future Society

Polly Wilkinson is the Head of BRE Academy, a leading training provider for individuals and businesses in construction, manufacturing, real estate, infrastructure and public sectors.


As a passionate leader working within the built environment, Polly is highly focused on knowledge creation and dissemination. With her dedicated team at the Academy, she is continually improving the knowledge, skills and expertise of industry partners, sharing the science, innovation and research of BRE and embedding best practice. Polly enjoys working with customers to share the wealth of training experiences provided by BRE Academy to provide workforces with the opportunities they need to upskill and develop new skills for a sustainable future.


Prior to joining BRE in 2022, Polly spent more than a decade at Boston Borough, and South & East Lincolnshire Councils. Here she shaped commercial strategies and identified business opportunities while working with customers and stakeholders. She has always aimed to meet strategic business objectives whilst supporting people to make a difference to the places they live, work and visit.


Polly has a background in Heritage and Place Development and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Conservation & Restoration.