Constructing Excellence

Dylan Stoppard

Position: Sustainability Manager, Genuit Group
Categories: Future Climate

I work in sustainability and environmental social governance for Genuit Group, a FTSE 250 construction products manufacturing Group. Working in the head office, I am involved in the sustainability strategy, decarbonisation, product specific environmental impact projects, and reporting across the 20 different companies that make up the Group. My passion for sustainability stems from a lifelong love for the outdoors and nature, coupled with a BSc Geography and an MSc Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Management from the University of York. I am involved in external organisations such as The British Plastics Federation (BPF), and The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA) in which I sit within their sustainability working groups. I joined the construction industry being aware that it accounts for around half of the worlds GHG emissions and is fundamental to us achieving net-zero as a nation, and species.

Being passionate about sustainability, and with the G4C representing the future of the construction industry, and I am keen to help broaden our generations understanding of sustainability, as well as to broaden my own skillset and knowledge within the other elements of construction. It is my aim to connect with more people within our industry and to show them the benefits of coming together as a collective within the G4C.