Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre, Oldham

Constructing Excellence

Due to a finite amount of funding, post-brexit currency rates and strict spending criteria meant that the project required fast mobilization. Therefore all members of the team including the client, design team, QS, contractor and supply chain all worked collaborative to ensure this was achieved and the maximum value for money accomplished.

Situated on a very tight site adjacent to existing live hospital buildings, a careful strategy needed to be considered in how to:-

  1. Maximise the building footprint
  2. Allow sufficient access to undertake the work
  3. Maximise the landscaping which is a critical component of all Maggie’s schemes
  4. Ensure no disturbance for hospital neighbours and maintained access
  5. Creation of a sustainable building which was ‘fit for purpose’ and in line with Maggie’s philosophy of “To create a building so that users could feel comfortable and secure in a caring non clinical environment where the building was sympathetic to their needs following a cancer diagnosis

This was overcome by an innovative design using timber and glass allowing the landscaping to rise up throughout the building structure, allowing forna and natural light to be prevalent internally. The building is accessed at higher level through the construction of a floating link bridge and following consultation with the hospital and neighbours, the surrounding areas were utilised for craneage on a just-in-time basis.

Quality workmanship and the careful selection of the specified products was achieved through collaboration and total buy-in throughout the entire team to what we were about to achieve.