Lyreco Battery Energy Storage System

Constructing Excellence

EvoEnergy’s deployment of a Tesla 500 kW / 950 kWh battery energy storage system (BESS) at Lyreco has created (at time of installation) the UK’s largest ‘behind the meter’ installation of its kind combining both battery storage and solar PV. Being one of the first ‘behind the meter’ commercial & industrial battery solutions, the site is now a reference site in the UK for other businesses to learn the benefits of BESS and associated technologies in a working environment. It is innovative for the following reasons:

This innovation gives the following advantages:

  • The ability for Lyreco to load-shift their energy demand; buying in energy during the cheaper periods, storing this in the BESS, and releasing the energy in to the business during the peak rate periods where load demand is also higher. This will provide Lyreco with substantial energy savings on their bills.
  • With Lyreco releasing energy into the business during the triad hours in winter months, typically 4.30pm-6.30pm, Lyreco will also make substantial savings on their peak energy charges.
  • The ability to provide a service to support the National Grid through a 15-year frequency response contract, managed by an aggregator to optimise income generation for Lyreco.