Lowbury Construction Ltd

Constructing Excellence

Established for over 35 years Lowbury commenced work by processing utility facility requirements for several major energy suppliers in the UK. Works now include all forms of construction, substructure, major civils schemes in normal & high risk areas.

It has been said for many years that “partnering” is the way forward in our industry, culture change and diversifying into other sectors became a real challenge for Lowbury, in house everybody was too busy, old school thoughts, use of same old supply chain, not wanting to step up to new ideas because the old ones have always worked, this philosophy formed part of the daily/weekly/monthly routine.

The challenge was to turn our well established business upside down and inside out so that we could develop a growth strategy plan.

We stepped outside the box moved away from our peers and talked to our clients those outside our industry, and picked their brains, be it car manufacturing industry, retailers, who we worked for, we asked the question how they managed procurement, expanding into new sectors of business, identified and adapted to new ideas and systems, we got some great answers which we are now adopting into our business plan.

It must be said that our discussions and subsequent actions formed just part of our own assessment in how we developed a positive growth business plan we are very committed to and learn from our supply chain and industry bodies.

We are still going through the change, we have set business targets not solely for increase in turnover and profit but more for change in the way we do business.