Long Rock Depot, Penzance

Constructing Excellence

The Penzance Depot Enhancement is unique. The project, funded by a collaboration of GWR, Cornwall Council, Department for Transport and Network Rail, sought to refurbish a 1970’s single road light maintenance train shed and add a new two road heavy maintenance shed next to it, capable of servicing the Class 57 sleeper train stock. Spencer Group, who were awarded the contract, provided a technologically advanced and innovative design solution, transforming the concept from two separate buildings into a single facility that recycled the old HST shed into a new three road depot.

The project had to overcome some major complications. The depot had to remain fully operational 24 hours a day. This included challenging tasks, such as removing asbestos, constructing around and over a live sub-station, building a cantilevered roof over the old shed and removing old steelwork from the inside. The project also required completion within 18 months of contract award, to allow the HS2 project to close part of Old Oak Common Depot by Christmas Eve 2017 and transfer the sleeper heavy maintenance to Penzance. The project delivered on time, following a successful 17-week acceleration package from Spencer to mitigate the clients’ tight programme.