London Borough of Southwark

Constructing Excellence

The London Borough of Southwark (LBS) is a vibrant district of London, that supports its local, diverse and engaged community with a plethora of fantastic schools, libraires, parks and other varied community facilities and initiatives.

Over the last year or so, LBS has delivered a construction programme of £708m, which is the largest of any local authority in the UK.

To achieve a fairer, greener, and safer future for its communities, LBS is:

  • building 11,000 new no gas council homes
  • regenerating three major housing estates (Tustin Estate, Elephant & Castle and Canada Water)
  • retrofitting council managed assets to achieve operational Net Zero Carbon (NZC)
  • building new inclusive learning schools and nurseries
  • building new leisure centre/sports centre
  • building new adult social care facilities and health centres.

In 2023, the council will complete a pioneering new social emotional and mental health school, which has been built using modular construction, achieving NZC in both operation and construction (embodied carbon).

Three Winning Facts:
  1. LBS is a leading authority in ensuring that the performance of their construction supply chain supports and benefits the local community and the wider industry– both through the scale of variety of LBS’s development programme, providing the construction industry with a place to test innovation, develop construction skills, and create best practice for other clients to follow. Through LBS’s significant financial influence, the council is ensuring the construction supply chain are acting on ED&I, environmental performance, and social value, which will only benefit wider industry and communities.
  2. LBS is recognised for delivering high-quality and award-winning outcomes– winning the 2022 RIBA London Award,2022 National RIBA Award and Mayors Award (SILS 3) is testament to the high-quality and value focussed outcomes that LBS is achieving, and the aspirational and innovative environment that LBS is fostering for the construction supply chain.
  3. LBS’s development programme is visibly and tangibly improving the lives of local communities– LBS has set benchmarks for successful community led development and has acted at scale to tackle the challenges of the borough through improvements to the built environment. LBS is tackling the affordable housing crisis, supporting young people with mental health and education, decarbonising at pace, creating thriving neighbourhoods, improving health and wellbeing of residents, and creating extensive economic opportunity for local communities. LBS are particularly proud of the success of the construction skills centre which has trained 10,000 people andcreated 3,000 jobs in the construction industry.