Learning From Manufacturing to Improve Our Sector’s Productivity – Transforming Construction Network Plus

Constructing Excellence

Unlike manufacturing, construction is a ‘low volume – high variety’ industry. The fluid and emergent designs that we see in construction typically call for supply chain flexibility, while manufacturing emphasises supply chain efficiency. Nevertheless, there are circumstances in which construction firms and projects can make use of some of the tools from manufacturing to enhance productivity and profitability.

The digest Supply Chain Productivity in Construction , the 3rd one in a series of digests from Network Plus, shows how productivity improvements based on supply chain management used in manufacturing can be applied to improve the performance of construction. It presents three considerations for improving productivity in construction. Drawing from this, the digest also aims to help firms understand when to focus on supply chain flexibility and when to seek economies of repetition.


About Transforming Construction Network Plus

The Transforming Construction Network Plus (the N+) is a national community to unite and transform the UK construction industry.

Funded by UK Research and Innovation through the Industrial Challenge Fund, the two-year programme exists to create a new body of knowledge to contribute to the Transforming Construction Challenge and inform future construction policy and practice.

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