Lawray Architects

Constructing Excellence

Lawray Architects was founded in Cardiff in 1974 and incorporated in 1992.   As an SME that has successfully traded throughout 5 decades, many changes have taken place within the company, though we have been fortunate to retain the experience and dedication of founder members.

It goes without saying the industry has developed tremendously in that time and like many of our competitors and industry partners, Lawray Architects have weathered the storms of recession more than once, which is testament to the dedicated team and valued loyal client and consultant relationships.

In 2009 it was unfortunate that 2 members of the Lawray team were made redundant as part of the recession.  The organisation saw several people leave due to uncertainty at the time.  We saw staff making career changes, some seeking more certainty whilst some emigrating to seek employment abroad.   Their roles were not filled due to the level of work available, by which time turnover was at 1.2m with a team of around 16 staff.

Survival and strategic planning merged and the senior management team were faced with huge challenges, which were overcome by coaching, mentoring and generally investing in their teams and rewarding efforts.

In 2017 the team is now at 27 with a retention rate of 96%, there are current vacancies for new roles demonstrating a steady and sustainable growth year on year.  With uncertainty surrounding changes in government and the announcement of Brexit, we strive to continue marketing and turn uncertainty into new opportunities.