Larkhill Service Families Accommodation Project

Constructing Excellence

The Larkhill Service Families Accommodation project set a unique engineering challenge for Cundall. The project was committed to build over 400 new homes on the site by 2019 for families returning to the UK as part of the Army Basing Programme. The engineering team had to identify and delineate a network of relict WW1 tunnels and disturbed/poor ground beneath the site, undertake significant archaeological surveys and manage a significant UXO risk (over 250 live munitions were encountered on site).

Following the failure of traditional approaches applied by others, progress had stalled. When approached, Cundall proposed a unique methodology, incorporating highly innovative methods to meet the challenging requirements demanded by the client, contractor and regulator to drive the project forward.

The tunnel survey work was carried out alongside other members of the project team in a high-risk environment. The use of innovative and complimentary survey methodologies successfully enabled the stringent development programme to be brought back on track. This provided archaeologists unprecedented access into the tunnels and a unique period of military history.