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Nova, an island site, has had several challenges in terms of its location constraints and planning requirements as the surrounding area is predominately commercial with some very sensitive and listed buildings which could be adversely affected by noise and vibration such as the Victoria Palace Theatre which has been retained and remained operational throughout much of the works. Another challenge was piling works above tube lines in and around Victoria and coordinating works with LUL who were also undertaking the Victoria Upgrade at the same time which meant tunneling works underneath and adjacent to our site.

There are also several one way and red line routes with heavy pedestrian movement near the site due to the proximity of Victoria station and Buckingham Palace which has been logistically challenging. Consideration has had to be given to the residents and occupiers of the adjacent land uses during construction works. As Principal Contractor (PC) Mace, have ensured procedures are implemented to minimize dust and noise in accordance with any restrictions enforced by the local authority.

With the Project approaching full completion, the challenge is now managing sectional completion and the interface between construction, tenants, fit out contractors and members of the public and has required a considerable amount of coordination between all parties to manage safely.